July 11th 2023, 17:00 (GMT+4)
FD CAPITAL Investor Day serves as a a unique space where investors and L1/L2 protocols converge on a global scale. Our aim is to create an exclusive opportunity to closely track the progress and performance of L1/L2 protocols that transcend geographical boundaries, fostering a global community of investors and innovators.
David Norris
Head of Finance at NEAR
David Norris, Head of Finance at the NEAR Foundation, brings over 20 years of experience in Web3, FinTech, Banking, and Consultancy. With an impressive background working for prestigious companies such as KPMG, Unilever, NatWest, and GSK, David has honed his expertise in supporting startups from their early stages to successful scaling. In his role at NEAR Foundation, David plays a vital role in carefully managing the Foundation’s resources, ensuring the flourishing growth of the NEAR Ecosystem. His financial prowess and dedication contribute to the Foundation’s mission of fostering innovation and driving the adoption of blockchain technology.
Lomesh Dutta
Head of Growth at DFINITY
Lomesh is the Vice President of Growth at the DFINITY foundation – a major contributor to the Internet Computer Protocol. Prior to DFINITY he has served as the VP of Growth at Abra (crypto bank) and Paytm, the largest fintech in India.
Peter Knez
Chairman at Venom
Peter Knez currently a Chairman of Venom foundation and Venom Ventures Fund. Peter is a former Chief Investment Officer at BlackRock, following its acquisition of Barclays Global Investors (“BGI”) where he was Global Chief Investment Officer for fixed income. Prior to that, Peter held positions with Lincoln Capital Management and Goldman Sachs, where he led quantitative research and fixed income. Prior to Goldman Sachs, Peter held professorship positions at Kellogg School of Management, University of Wisconsin and University of Chicago.

Piers Ridyard

CEO of Radix
Piers started in crypto when he started mining on the genesis block of Ethereum in early 2015, investing in “The DAO” and going deep on everything from game theory to prediction markets. This eventually led him to build and exit Surematics, a YCombinator company that built decentralized dealroom software for insurance companies in 2017. Piers became CEO of RDX Works in 2017, joining the Founder, Dan Hughes, and building the team to over 75 people around the world. His background includes finance, law, electronics, and mathematics. He also has two degrees; one in Chinese and Business and a second in Law; as well as having achieved his level 1 Chartered Financial Analyst designation.
Janet Adams
COO of SingularityNET
Janet leads AI and Blockchain initiatives across multiple vertical markets including robotics, biotech, gaming and metaverse, media, DeFi, music and arts and has co-founded a number of AI technology startups including the algorithmic tracer coin Cogito Protocol, music web3 platform Jam Galaxy, and Rejuve Biotech building AI-driven therapeutics for longevity and age-related diseases. Recently, Janet co-founded a new SingularityNET venture called ‘Zarqa’ in the middle east, building a new generation of smart hybrid Neural-Symbolic LLMs. Janet is committed to a positive and beneficial Singularity for the benefit of all of humanity and has a special love of African music and culture and an active interest in the use of AI for speech-to-speech machine translation for low-resource languages. She is passionate about diversity, inclusion and equality.
Ronald S. Diamond
Chairman and CEO Diamond Wealth,
Chicago Chair TIGER 21
Ronald Diamond, Founder and Chairman of Diamond Wealth, Chair of two TIGER 21 chapters in Chicago and Chairs a newly created Family Office Group for TIGER 21.
Our Founder
“We believe that by transcending borders, we can unlock new investment opportunities, foster strategic partnerships, and drive the evolution of the blockchain industry towards a more interconnected future”
Dariia Vasylieva
FD CAPITAL Founding Partner
July 11th 2023, 17:00 (GMT+4)