We’re equipping founders with essential fundraising tools and know-how investment strategy
We prepare a teaser outlining the key details of the startup investment attractiveness
Investor letter
We compose a short script to inform investors about the business and investment round highlights
Investor presentation
We create a Pitch Deck to showcase business narratives towards investment opportunities
Analytical assessment
We conduct research on market opportunities, competition, GTM strategy, valuation and peers analysis
Financial model
We prepare a comprehensive financial analysis covering assumptions, outcomes, efficiency and sensitivity analysis
Data room
We disclose the investment potential of the starup by arrangement of critical data and information for due dilligence
Elevator pitch
We produce a script of the pitch to present the project in a 60 seconds
Presentation pitch
We develop a script for a 3-minute startup pitch for investors
Video pitch
We create a 3-minute video to communicate your startup storytelling
Investment kit
Our main priority is to capitalise investment opportunities by supporting the disclosure of the investment readiness of the project.
Assessing the investment attractiveness
Assembling the complete set of documents, from a teaser to a Data Room
Reviewing and developing a financial model
Indicating a pool of potential investors
Accompanying a startup at all stages leading up to a deal